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Through our hosted cloud services, we will look after your data and services off-site. Our cloud business solutions revolve around YOUR business. We will manage and support all aspects of your system, allowing you to reduce capital expenditure, slim your asset base and make your IT more flexible.

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Hosting services

There is still confusion over what the cloud actually is and how it can help your business. We will cut through the hype to help you understand what the advantages and disadvantages of cloud solutions are, helping you make well-informed decisions about how to use them. Our agnostic stance on technology enables us to give you the best advice about cloud business solutions, including whether or not they make sense for your company and, if they do, what type of platform would work best for you.

Why your business will benefit from Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting services that meet all your performance requirements. We will help you find the right hosting package with minimum performance standards guaranteed.

Hosted Desktop

Agile and flexible hosted desktop solutions that securely deliver any workload to any device, anywhere – with no compromise to performance. Scalable and affordable, enabling your business to offer secure virtual working.

Hosted Telephony Services

Lumina can host your telephony systems digitally giving you greater control and flexibility across multiple sites and remote devices, at the same time as saving money on calls and line rental.


Lumina’s Colocation Hosting services offer businesses more freedom and flexibility without the on-site costs of running a data centre!

Office 365

A single solution for all Microsoft software, Office 365 gives you access to all your business-critical data and applications from any location, using secure cloud delivery.

Microsoft Azure

The Azure cloud platform offers more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life. We help you migrate your infrastructure to Azure and deploy, manage and support your existing solutions.

Cloud Integrations

Bring multiple cloud environments together in either a hybrid deployment or as multiple public clouds so that they can operate as a single, cohesive IT infrastructure for your business.

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