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Legal Sector

Lumina Technologies provides the legal sector with a high level of service and IT excellence, guiding law firms through changes and helping marry our clients to the best and most efficient technology for the job in hand.



Keeping all your data as secure as possible



Using the right IT, your fee earners can work quicker and smarter.



Identifying the best IT for your needs now and in the future.

Our comprehensive IT expertise enables us to meet the demands of the legal sector tailoring our services to the individual needs of your Law firm.


Cyber security is a vital factor for all law firms. We are fully Cyber Essentials certified and will help you make sure your systems, your clients’ data and your archives are safe at all times. We will advise on how to avoid the major cyber threats and will recommend the best antivirus software to protect your law firm’s IT systems.


Time is money - Our staff understand that time is money and any downtime will impact your fee earners’ billing potential.

24/7 support - fee earners need to be assured of Helpdesk support at any time of the day or night. We will be working on your ticket within 30 minutes of receiving your call and we resolve the majority of issues within 180 minutes from the moment your call is logged.

Archive retrieval - legal firms must, by law, retain data for a certain number of years. Storing archive materials digitally will save money by minimising physical storage space and enable staff to retrieve any of those files quickly and easily.


Using IT effectively - identifying the right level of investment and the most appropriate systems and applications to invest in, we can help you minimise problems, maintain business continuity and optimise your operations now and in the future.

Collaboration - by investing in the right tools and applications, you will enable your staff to work together with optimum efficiency.

Legal Glossary - As part of our policy we train our Helpdesk on the legal glossary and on each client’s specific needs. This enables better communication and it gives our Helpdesk a speedy understanding of any issues reported.

ISO 27001 compliance – we have a thorough understanding of the compliance standards of the legal sector, so you can rest assured you are always covered, we will match the right technical solution to the goals of your firm.

What sets us apart?

Award- Winning IT Managed Services Provider.

Access to certified engineers with cutting-edge skill sets.

Our proven processes will save your team time.

Vendor agnostic – we work with any technology that is right for your business.

We develop tools to help you assess the state of your business’s technology

Deep industry knowledge.

“Charles Douglas Solicitors LLP has been using Lumina Technologies for a number of years now and we continue to be impressed by the technical know-how and contemporary knowledge of the senior management, who provide a timely, efficient and friendly service. Whether it is a small issue with one computer or a strategic IT decision, they maintain a current knowledge of available technologies. Lumina is always at the other end of the phone to help resolve issues and minimise business interference.”

Managing Partner, Charles Douglas Solicitors LLP

“The speed of change is accelerating as new and disruptive technologies serve to increase transparency, reduce price and increase value of services across the sector.”

The Law Society

“The importance of borderless platforms and digital ecosystems will grow in the coming years as massive movements such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and data analytics evolve. The ability of law firms to plug into these developments through technological innovation and collaboration will be an important factor for their success in future markets.”

Capturing Technological Innovation in Legal Services, The Law Society

Are you a cutting edge law firm ready to implement the latest technology?

Do you want to make better use of the tried and tested industry standards to be one step ahead of the competition?

Law firms use us as their chosen Legal IT service specialist. Get in touch today to find out why.

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