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We appreciate how hard it is being the founder of your own business

As a passionate business founder, protecting your company is paramount.

Cyber threats and data backups can be constant worries, as can dissatisfaction with your current IT provider if they have slow response times and if you suffer frustrating system downtime.

We understand the stress you face as a dedicated business founder dealing with IT issues, longing for systems that just work so that you can devote your valuable time to revenue-generating tasks and propelling your company forward.


The Crucial Role of Outsourcing IT for Risk Management and Success

Business founders often invest excessive time and effort in managing their IT functions, time they cannot afford to squander.

Outsourcing IT is the one of the most valuable options for small businesses to improve their operations and manage their risk.

A robust IT function safeguards your hard work, determination, and sacrifice.

Neglecting risk management invites preventable disasters. Prioritising a strong IT function is vital for small businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate this threat, and are unknowingly sitting on a ticking time bomb.


Lumina will be your very own IT department that can offer your business the digital transformation it needs to grow.

PRISM Business offers customised IT solution packages designed to meet the unique needs of your business at each stage of your journey.

We have meticulously curated each package and have selected specific solutions from our four pillars (see below).

Whether you are in the start up phase, or a scaling enterprise, our IT support packages — Foundation; Core; Premium; and Enterprise —provide the right combination of solutions to address your specific business requirements.

Our Four Pillars

Our PRISM Business packages encompass a range of solutions from our four pillars, with a particular focus on three core solutions from each that form the cornerstone of all our packages:

IT Security

We keep your data safe and readily available for when you need it.

Endpoint Security

In today’s hybrid working world, businesses must go beyond securing their data solely through office networks. With data now being accessed from anywhere and employees using various devices, a robust and multi-layered security approach is now required to keep the ‘bad guys’ out. Endpoint security ensures the protection of every individual device used anywhere by you and your team.

Firewall Management

As part of a multi-layered security approach, our managed firewalls provide control and visibility over network traffic, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the flow of data in and out of your network. This not only enhances security but also promotes increased productivity within your network.

Business Continuity

It’s not enough to be able to recover from a disaster, you need to keep your business operational during recovery efforts. Sleep easier knowing that your business can carry on running in the face of unforeseen disruptions, avoiding reputational and financial damage.

IT Support

We keep your users happy and your machines running.

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

Keeping your staff productive and happy sits at the very heart of what IT support should be providing. We pride ourselves on our award-winning ‘service first, technology second’ approach.

Microsoft 365 Management

Microsoft collaboration and productivity tools are often the backbone of your business operations. But navigating your way through them all can be overwhelming and time consuming – time that should be spent elsewhere in your business. It’s our job as your IT provider to advise on the best tools and to manage them for you.

Infrastructure Management

Just like a high-performance car, your IT function relies on individual components working harmoniously together. We manage the full end to end infrastructure to support all your business operations.

Cloud Services

We provide a home for your data so that you do not have to.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud could be one of the best investment decisions you make, but it can also be the worst. The cloud can be many things but navigating it can be overwhelming and time consuming. This is where our expertise comes in and we can help you identify which elements to adopt and when to ensure you get the right solutions for your business.

Hosted Desktop

Many businesses still utilise legacy software applications that cannot be delivered through modern cloud solutions. Hosted desktops offer a secure and scalable alternative, allowing access to company systems from any location, any device and at any time.

Hosted Telephony Services

Because who wants to own a phone system anymore?
Telephony needs to be simple, accessible, and reliable. Cloud solutions are mature, cost effective, and easily implemented.

IT Consultancy

Expert technology advice to help you make informed decisions to grow your business.

Strategic Advice

Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and you need somebody with relevant expertise to help you make the right decisions on your technology and IT investments.

Procurement Services

Because it’s too easy to spend money on the wrong things when it comes to IT. We take away the pain and uncertainty of IT procurement by managing it for you and ensuring you get the right solutions to support your strategy and your budget.

Project Delivery

You need your IT projects to be managed professionally, delivered on time and within budget, and supported by a solid business case that identifies their value to the business. We have over 25 years of experience successfully delivering projects.

We manage your IT function, secure your data and look after your business.
We help you to protect your legacy.


Lumina Technologies have taken the time to understand the requirements of our business and work as our strategic IT partner, enabling us to concentrate on delivering a high quality service to our clients and focus on our growth strategy.

Whether it is a small issue with one computer, or a strategic IT decision, they maintain a current knowledge of available technologies. Lumina are always at the other end of the phone to help resolve issues and minimise business interference. The technical knowledge of Richard and his senior team means that there has not been a problem that they can’t solve to date. I am sure we will continue to use them in the years to come.

They’ve also been able to engage with us strategically on the challenge of scaling-up our infrastructure as the firm continues to grow and evolve. We always feel confident going to Lumina with a problem, since we know they genuinely care about sorting things out and helping us to get on with our core business.

Our Packages





  • Helpdesk Standard Hours
  • Microsoft 365 Support
  • Workstation Management
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Endpoint Security

Plus Optional Add-Ons…

  • Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Server Backup





  • Everything in Foundation
  • Unlimited Onsite Support
  • Enhanced Endpoint Security
  • Hardware & Software Full Lifecycle Support
  • Microsoft 365/Azure Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Domain Name Management
  • Monthly Onsite Technical Visit
  • Monthly Account Reporting

And more…





  • Everything in Core
  • Helpdesk Extended Hours
  • Enhanced Infrastructure Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Server Backup
  • Enhanced Monthly Account Reporting
  • Annual Security Review

And more…


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  • Everything in Premium
  • Helpdesk After Hours
  • BYOD Support
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Telecoms & Vendor Management
  • Enhanced Firewall Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Account Meetings
  • Monthly Security Awareness Training
  • IT Policy Drafting
  • Annual IT Budget Plan
  • Annual IT Strategic Plan
  • Annual DR Fire Drill

And more…

What next?

Assess your IT function and lay the foundations for growth

To effectively manage your IT, you must be able to measure it against established industry benchmarks.

You can begin by taking a mini audit assessment and start to understand your current IT status. Allow us to guide you, as the business founder, in building a mini roadmap to resolving your frustrations.

Take advantage of our free 10-minute IT Audit Assessment that has been tailored for small businesses. Benchmark your IT function against 8 key foundations to evaluate its performance and identify areas for improvement.

Click the Take the Audit Assessment button above to take it and get started on your journey to IT excellence.

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