Switching to Lumina

When considering switching your IT provider, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable due to the potential upheaval and disruption it may cause.

However, just like changing internet providers, you want to ensure continuity and receive a proper service throughout the transition.

The misconception that switching is complicated has been perpetuated by the IT service industry to discourage businesses from exploring alternatives.

This page aims to debunk this myth and provide a step-by-step process for switching your IT provider, addressing the level of disruption and risk involved at each stage.


5 Simple Steps to Switch

Lumina can switch you over from your current provider in 5 simple steps.


Phase 1: Pre-Contract

The first phase of switching to Lumina involves us undertaking an initial discovery process, drafting and agreeing the contract with us and you giving notice to your current provider to initiate the transition process. While it is expected that the current provider will cooperate, there may be cases where they refuse, causing additional disruption. It is advisable to have an overlap of providers to ensure a seamless transition and hold the incumbent provider accountable during the transition period.

Time Frame: 1-4 weeks.

Phase 2: Onboarding

During this phase, the focus is on preparing for a smooth handover and securing the business environment with Lumina. It is crucial to establish a cordial handover process, allowing both the new and current providers access to the IT infrastructure during a period of dual access. This period is also about educating your staff about Lumina, establishing a positive relationship with them, and securing the IT infrastructure. Comprehensive audits are conducted to gather necessary information before the go-live date when Lumina assumes full responsibility.
The success of the other phases hinges on a well-executed onboarding and go-live process.

Time Frame: 1-8 weeks.

Phase 3: Stabilisation

After the transition of IT responsibility from the former provider to Lumina, the stabilisation phase begins. The success of this phase relies on addressing any major issues identified in the audits, achieving stability of the IT environment, and ensuring we have it fully under our control.
Furthermore, we will draft a prioritised project plan to present to the leadership team and agree a roadmap to bring IT to a position of value to the business.

Time frame: 1-4 weeks.

Phase 4: Standardisation

The standardisation phase is the most complex part of the IT switchover as this is where the roadmap agreed upon in phase 3 will start to be put into action.Initial high priority projects can include implementing security baselines, drafting IT policy documents, adopting standard operating procedures (SOPs), and harmonising the IT environment.


Phase 5: Transformation Projects

Once the standardisation phase and initial high priority projects have been completed, the rest of the projects to fully develop and secure the IT infrastructure can begin.
Evolving a business’s IT function to become resilient and have a high level of security maturity is not an overnight job – it takes time, and often a change in the company culture, to embrace new security measures.

A complete IT switchover can happen with minimal disruption in as little as 4 weeks with the average switch taking between 4-12 weeks.

Does a switchover have to be disruptive?

A Lumina managed migration is designed to ensure the risks to your business are minimised through a combination of meticulous planning, clear communication, and mature processes. The first of our three phases are structured to not affect operations, and it is only in Phase 4: Standardisation, that we introduce change.

Change will always carry the risk of disruption and handled badly can cripple a business overnight. Lumina as a strategic IT partner are best placed to help you to minimise risks.

For more information on the differences between a strategic IT partner and a reactive IT provider, then click here.

Risk Levels

Risk Levels

Understanding the approach of different IT providers during a switchover is crucial for risk assessing the impact on your business as well as being a strong indicator of their future management of your IT infrastructure.

The ‘riskometer’ highlights the typical varying levels of risk associated with each phase of the switchover for both Lumina and ill-prepared providers.

Lumina understands that switching providers can be a daunting prospect. The secret to a seamless switchover is in the planning.

Don’t let the fear of change hold your business back.

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