We work for all types of clients, but we have particular experience of the energy and renewables, executive search, legal, financial, precision engineering and architecture sectors.

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Legal firms need quick, reliable access to internal records such as precedents libraries, case management systems, time records and billing reports. They also need to ensure that records are retained for the required retention period. Many use verbal dictation, and need a way to capture and collate content produced in this way.

Finance & Accountancy

For financial firms, client confidentiality and Data Security are key issues. They need solid plans for Disaster Recovery, and increasingly make use of remote working, for example to support advisers visiting clients. Finally, they must always make sure everything they do is in line with FCA regulations.

Energy & Renewables

Oil and gas clients often need high-performance workstations and extensive storage to handle the seismic data generated by geological and geophysical surveys. They also need reliable inter-site communications, particularly email, with solid Disaster Recovery plans in case of incidents. This is particularly important for offshore facilities or operations in emerging nations.

Executive Search

The Executive Search industry depends on confidentiality, and Data Protection is a key issue, so search agencies are frequently concerned that CVs, client details and specialist databases are stored securely. Many firms are expanding overseas, and their consultants are often out visiting clients or conducting interviews, so multi-site or remote working is also a priority.

CNC Engineering

Precision Engineering businesses need to focus on the customer's needs and translate these requirements into components that are manufactured with precision for a wide variety of industries. Continuing investment in the latest CMC machinery and computer technology systems including CAD/CAM and Windows software, is essential to providing a professional, progressive service.


Innovation is one of the key factors of forward thinking in architecture. Whether that’s new and innovative building materials, advanced construction methods or changing demographics, the right IT infrastructure and support for architect firms has an important role to play, especially in a sector that uses CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and BIM (Building Information Modelling).

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