IT Audits

An MOT for your IT function.

Audits and assessments give you assurance that your systems are working effectively and are achieving the goals and objectives of your business.

It’s like giving your company’s tech systems a thorough checkup. Just like how you must take your car for an MOT to ensure its roadworthy, an IT audit checks all the digital tools, processes, and security measures your business uses.

The goal is to give you an indication that everything is running smoothly, safe from cyber threats, and is compliant. If not, then recommendations are made for how to fix the areas that need improvement.

IT Security Audits & Assessments

There are two different options available for an IT review:

IT Audit Assessment

A quick online check of your IT needs.

Full IT Audit

A full in-depth analysis of your IT function.

IT Audit Assessment

Assess your current IT function and your foundations for growth

To be able to manage something, first you must be able to measure it.

Firstly, we need to understand where you currently are as a business so that we can begin helping you as the business founder to ease your IT frustrations.

Benchmark your current IT function against 8 key areas to see where your IT infrastructure is at and how it functions within your business.

We have put together a free 10-minute IT Audit Assessment that gives you a snapshot of your IT needs. The questions have been taken from our Full IT Audit service and tailored for small businesses.

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Full IT Audit

A full in-depth analysis of your IT function

Benchmark your current IT function against 20+ categories to see where your current IT infrastructure is at, how it functions within your business and pinpoint where you need to invest your energy and resources improving the areas that will mitigate risk and result in scalable growth.

A full IT audit involves one of Lumina’s senior technical directors coming onsite for a few days to assess your IT infrastructure, spend time with your leadership team, observe your business operations, and interview staff members. Interviewing a cross section of staff is crucial to get a true picture of your IT function.

The typical objectives of an audit is to:

  • Identify the ability of the existing IT function to meet business goals
  • Identify key areas of risk insufficiently mitigated by IT
  • Identify key remediation and improvement options

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