Firewall Management

Today’s firewalls offer state-of-the-art Unified Threat Management (UTM) which utilises a layered defence approach to inspect all traffic to ensure that only legitimate traffic may enter or leave the network.

As part of our IT Security services, our Firewall Management service repels all potential threats from outside your network while allowing legitimate data traffic to enter and exit as normal. They can also manage and prioritise traffic and generate reports on internet usage and traffic patterns.

Firewall Management is also there to ensure that your investment in your internet bandwidth is used appropriately. We can help you prioritise traffic and control access to non-business sites.

Highest protection

Working from our Hertfordshire office, our industry experts have the skills, resources and expertise to secure your firewall protection at the highest levels:

  • We monitor and manage all our firewalls in real time, ensuring they are up-to-date in terms of firmware updates and security revisions. We also monitor data traffic in order to look for anomalies, and produce monthly reports on internet usage and traffic patterns.
  • Our Firewall Management service also acts as a wireless network controller, meaning we can provide segregated wireless networks with a variety of authentication methods and guest registration.
  • Where a higher level of security management is required, we offer Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) services to provide deep analysis of every security alert raised.
  • As your requirements change, we will upsize or downsize your firewall as appropriate.

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