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Whether you have founded your own business or are a senior leader/partner at your company, Lumina appreciates the challenges you face.

Cyber threats, data backups, and dissatisfaction with your IT provider can be constant worries. We understand the stress you face, longing for systems that just work, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Given what’s at stake, IT management should be carefully delegated to people who are appropriately qualified and suitably experienced.

Your company’s protection is paramount.

Outsourcing IT is a sensible option for small businesses to enhance operations and manage risk effectively.

A robust IT function safeguards the hard work, determination, and sacrifice you have put into the business.

Neglecting risk management invites preventable disasters. Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate this threat, unknowingly sitting on a ticking time bomb.

Founded by our Managing Director, Richard McBarnet, Lumina Technologies prioritises bringing enterprise stability to small businesses through IT solutions. For 25 years, we’ve carefully crafted and perfected our PRISM Business packages, offering the best value based on where you are in your growth journey.

Our mission is clear: Small to medium-sized businesses are the economic lifeblood of every community. Lumina prioritises safeguarding them from preventable threats like cybercrime, reputational damage, or systems failure. With our risk expertise and reliable IT solutions, we secure and protect their infrastructure, staff, and data.

Manage Risk             Improve Efficiency            Increase Profit

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