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We are IT Security experts, able to protect your IT infrastructure, network and data from both external threats and accidental loss, making sure you stay up and running and recover quickly when the worst happens.

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Security Management Services

IT security strengthens and protects your business, keeping it safe from any potential cyber security risks. It prevents any unauthorised access to your assets such as PCs, WiFi networks and databases.

Our IT security services will help your decision-makers understand how their strategic decisions affect the company’s overall cyber resilience, enabling them to future-proof the business at the same time as driving it forward effectively and securely.

Why your business will benefit from Security Management Services

Business Continuity

Lumina Technologies’ business continuity management services help your business identify and address resiliency synchronisation between business processes, applications and IT infrastructure.

Endpoint Security

Today’s modern networks have a huge range of ‘endpoint devices’ and they ALL need protection. Through Lumina Technologies’ Endpoint Security solutions, we will keep them safe from cyber threats.

Firewall Management

Firewall Management services that repel all potential threats from outside your network while allowing legitimate data traffic to enter, also managing and prioritising traffic and generating reports on usage and patterns.

Vulnerability Assessment

Security vulnerability assessments that review your weaknesses and evaluate whether your systems are susceptible to any threats or vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation and ensuring your systems are protected.

Phishing Simulation

A platform to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks using the world’s largest Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform.

Cyber Essentials

Implement the technologies and staff training required to achieve compliance with Cyber Essentials. Certification gives peace of mind that you have high levels of protection, and safeguard your company from disruption.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention strategies that make sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical corporate information outside your network by detecting potential data breaches and preventing them through monitoring.


With fines of up to €20m or 4% of global turnover, and the additional risk of civil damages, it is vital that your company is compliant with both GDPR and the Data Protection Bill. Our experts can help you with GDPR compliance.

Lumina Technologies works with you to create an established Cyber security Framework

  • Identify – Information security governance, business processes, asset management, risk management and assessment of cyber risk prior to an attack in order to allow planning.
  • Protect – Actively prevent an attack from being successful.
  • Detect – Detect a successful attack. A company cannot assume an attacker will always be stopped, and this stage ensures that should any of the protective measures fail, your business can detect and respond to a breach at the earliest opportunity.
  • Respond – Your business’s response to a successful attack – one which may have been detected. The response is critical in organisational cyber security planning as it defines the actions needed to stop the attack and move into the recovery phase.
  • Recover – Once the cyber attack has been stopped, and further damage has been prevented, recovery recovery work must be undertaken to restore services to business as usual and prevent a similar attack from being successful in future. Your business is dependent on technology, which is why IT Security must be treated as a Board-level issue. With our information security services, you can ensure
    your company has more than the minimum Cyber Essentials certification needed
    to protect your business, ensuring it is more than just secure, it is cyber resilient.

Why IT security is important for business

In order for your company to be financially stable, your technology infrastructure needs to run efficiently with minimal downtime. If your employees are unable to work because of network issues, your business ultimately loses money. This is why business IT security is one of the most important parts of running your organisation.

Your business can’t afford to lose employee productivity, sensitive information, or access to your company’s important information. For business IT security, you need to have the right security team working with you to help protect against these attacks and make sure any damage is minimal if an attack does get through.

Secure your users

With the number of cyber threats growing, it is crucial that modern businesses prioritise their IT security. Our Managed Security services guide you through the oversight and administration of your company’s security processes. Whether it’s about setting up the ideal infrastructure, implementing a security management system or handling your incident response, we make sure you can:

  • Conduct business as usual with minimal downtimes due to security initiatives and a direct line of communication that seamlessly reports to your business.
  • Focus on your core business activities while leaving your security concerns to the experts in early threat detection and protection.
  • Free up your IT team to shift their focus to security program oversight and other activities that advance business goals

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