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Lumina’s Colocation Hosting services offer businesses more freedom and flexibility without the on-site costs of running a data centre!

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What are colocation services?

Colocation services are a lower-cost server hosting strategy where your business rents space for your servers and other IT hardware at a third-party data centre. Typically, a colocation service provides the storage, cooling, power, bandwidth, networking and physical security whilst the customer provides the servers. Businesses are then responsible for setting up, configuring and maintaining their server moving forward. Colocation improves business operations by cutting capital costs and boosting the quality of service.

Why use colocation services?

When you purchase your own server, you need the space, the equipment and a 24/7 IT team to effectively run and manage it. Security and stability are also required alongside proper ventilation, appropriate room temperature and more. With colocation hosting, you don’t have to worry about these details, and the immense costs of maintaining your own server on-site are managed by your chosen colocation partner.

With colocation hosting, you can have complete control of your business’s software and hardware configurations because you retain ownership of the server. You also have complete control over disk space, bandwidth, databases and other features associated with server expansion. Colocation hosting also ensures automatic backups of your entire web server on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so that your websites are online 24/7/365.

Using colocation services allows you to eliminate the costs of building and maintaining your own facility whilst also allowing you to retain the ownership and control of the servers. It also allows you to focus on managing business operations and improve products and services. You also receive full support which saves money in comparison with if you were to house and run the servers from your own offices.

There are also business reasons for needing colocation services. For the majority of organisations, cloud services are an ideal solution to their computing requirements, however other businesses prefer to also use dedicated hardware and have physical access to their services and infrastructure, typically for regulatory compliance reasons, for high levels of assurance on data segregation, or if network access is required. For more information, read our blog How can server colocation benefit my business?.

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How can Lumina help?

Lumina Technologies offers colocation hosting by storing your server – however big or small in our secure and properly maintained colocation data centre facility. Our data centre is secure with 24/7 physical protection and ensures proper environmental protection for business continuity.

At the facility, your server will have dedicated internet connectivity through multiple high-speed connections or private point-to-point circuits. In addition, there will be automatic server backups, business continuity solutions, and effective server redundancy. We will also provide monthly reports on your power and data consumption and technical support.

You can access your servers via the internet. Unlike a cloud solution, you still own the infrastructure, and we simply manage it on your behalf.


Why Choose Us?

  • Eliminate the costs of building and maintaining your own facility
  • Freedom & flexibility
  • Improved security

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    Key benefits of colocation hosting

    • Cost savings

    • Better connectivity

    • Improved network security

    • Service and support

    • Enhanced scalability

    If you would like to discuss whether colocation is right for your company, contact us (or call 01442 500890) to find out more.

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    What our customers say

    Lumina Technologies Prism Hosted Desktop has allowed our business to centralise our global corporate data, allowing much faster access for all our staff – regardless of their location. We have also been able to simplify and reduce our infrastructure and management overhead. With the new Prism Hosted Desktop solution all staff now have simple and secure access to corporate data using any device they choose. Prism Hosted Desktop has increased the productivity of our staff and given us a single, consistent and familiar experience for all users from any device, in any location, 24/7.

    Katherine Roe
    Chief Executive Officer, Wentworth Resources PLC

    Charles Douglas Solicitors LLP have been using Lumina Technologies for a number of years now and continue to be impressed by the technical know-how and contemporary knowledge of their senior management, who provide a timely, efficient and friendly service. Whether it is a small issue with one computer, or a strategic IT decision, they maintain a current knowledge of available technologies. Lumina are always at the other end of the phone to help resolve issues and minimise business interference. The technical knowledge of Richard and his senior team means that there has not been a problem that they can’t solve to date. I am sure we will continue to use them in the years to come.

    Charles Douglas
    Managing Partner, Charles Douglas Solicitors LLP

    Hawkstone Management Services Ltd is a small company for which IT Outsourcing is realistically the only viable option. Lumina Technologies have successfully performed this role for over fifteen years. They also provide innovative solutions to keep pace with technological progress. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lumina to similar sized businesses.

    Stephen Pembury
    Hawkstone Management Services Ltd

    Lumina have supported us so well through the difficult circumstances of 2020.  They worked extremely hard to ensure we were able to work remotely and continue to operate our business successfully. The support team are very friendly and knowledgeable, and have excellent response times.

    The team have also enhanced our cyber security which is so important in the legal sector, and they continue to provide high quality advice to help us move forward with our IT goals.

    Robin Illingworth
    Managing Partner, Adams & Remers LLP

    The team at Lumina Technologies have made the Amoun Travel & Tours office IT transition seamless and problem free. The office set-up has been vastly improved and the IT Support services are flawless. No issue goes unresolved, which is extremely reassuring.

    Adam Helmy
    Amoun Travel & Tours Ltd

    Lumina Technologies has been Salamander Energy plc’s IT provider since start-up in 2005 and has supported us in London during our expansion across operational offices in SE Asia. Their professional approach, strategic advice and close co-operation have been essential in making this a success.

    John Bell
    Group Technical Director, Salamander Energy plc

    The commercially sensitive and regulated nature of Lambert Energy Advisory’s business requires an IT provider able to maintain the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality, Lumina Technologies has consistently been unimpeachable in this regard over the nine years we have employed them.

    Patrick Agar
    Lambert Energy Advisory

    Society Limited has been supported by Lumina Technologies since our earliest start-up phase. From large logistical challenges like an office move, through to smaller fiddly issues like fixing a faulty e-template, we know we can count on their support and advice. They’ve also been able to engage with us strategically on the challenge of scaling-up our infrastructure as the firm continues to grow and evolve. We always feel confident going to Lumina with a problem, since we know they genuinely care about sorting things out and helping us to get on with our core business.

    Simon Lucas
    Managing Director, Society Limited

    Richard and his team are a real inspiration to anyone who meets them and I have watched Lumina’s growth over the last few years with interest and admiration. Richard has been an amazing supporter of the Hospice of St Francis, being a Gold member of the Corporate Partner Network for almost two years. He takes an active interest in the community and is passionate about his company and his town: nothing is too much trouble, he is always willing to help, to give up his time and to provide business advice when asked. Lumina is an inspiration to any company wanting to set up business in Hertfordshire.

    Carolyn Addison
    Corporate Fundraising Manager, The Hospice of St Francis

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