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Why a hosted desktop solution will make your IT staff happy

15 Feb 2020 Lumina Technologies

There are many business advantages of having a hosted desktop solution, but there are also many benefits to your IT department.

Patches and updates

How much time do you and your staff spend installing patches and updates onto your desktop fleet? It is likely that if you work for a larger firm, you will have full-time staff members who spend their entire time doing this task. This can be frustrating because it takes engineers’ expertise away from strategic work which will ultimately be more useful (and profitable) to the organisation. With a ‘non-persistent’ hosted desktop solution, you only need to install updates into a single master image, which will then be cloned to stateless and disposable desktops. Critical components such as user profiles and line of business applications are not stored in these desktops but instead centralised and dynamically attached at user login. Moving to a stateless environment with single image management will free up your IT staff to concentrate on operational efficiency instead of firefighting all the time, and you will be able to spend more time working strategically.

Business continuity

When staff members have to rely on IT staff to set up their desktop, time becomes a problem. If a hard drive gets damaged, you will have to spend a lot of time recovering data and installing software on replacement hardware. If a fee earner cannot work because of desktop issues, your firm will be losing money. With a hosted desktop solution, users can simply log on from a different device and be up and running within minutes.

Office moves will no longer be an IT nightmare

If your firm is moving offices, or moving staff around within the premises, your IT department will become massively overstretched with the task of physically moving hardware and making sure everyone’s desktop is set up and working properly. In addition, IT staff are often the last to be told about such events! This places a huge pressure on your staffs’ time and is also a huge loss of fee earner time. A hosted desktop solution will make lengthy moves within the office a thing of the past. The hardware can stay where it is, so the only thing employees need to move are their belongings. Everyone can simply log on to their account at their new desk, meaning the entire workforce can be up and running again within minutes rather than hours.

Flexibility of scale

A huge advantage of a hosted desktop solution is its scalability. If your firm has a large project for which it needs to hire short-term staff, providing the hardware and licences needed becomes a headache as well as a huge cost. With a hosted solution, additional capacity can be provided in minutes – not days or weeks and can dynamically flex up or down as demand requires. The extra staff could work remotely using their own devices, or hot desk in your offices using available hardware. Any additional costs need only be incurred for the time they are actively working – meaning your firm only spends money on additional capacity when it is earning an income.

Agile working

To be successful and profitable, organisations need to attract a talented workforce. Companies are facing changes to working practices in that more and more people are asking to work remotely for at least some of the week. If your company’s working practices are more traditional, in that everyone must work in-house all the time, it may not be attracting the best talent, which will have an adverse effect on reputation and results. If you want to help drive your business to the next level, the ability to offer agile working is almost vital in terms of talent acquisition.

According to a report published by Deloitte: “Across the globe 70% of tomorrow’s future leaders might ‘reject’ what business as traditionally organizational has to offer, preferring to work independently by digital means in the long term”. To stay ahead of the curve, your firm must, therefore, be willing to embrace the agile working practices that will attract the best people, and the best way to enable remote working at the same time as protecting your IT system is by installing a hosted desktop solution.

The best solution for your firm

Lumina Technologies is currently trialling a hosted desktop solution aimed at the legal and accountancy sectors, which will be launched at the Legal Technology Forum in March. Working strategically with your IT directors, our solution will be tailored to your firm’s specific needs – incorporating all your current apps and software – with the advantages of business continuity, increased fee earning potential, cybersecurity, and freeing up more time for IT staff to work on strategic projects.

Please get in touch to discuss how using a hosted desktop solution will help your IT staff with their workload, freeing up their time from routine updates and helping to make them happy!

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