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Lumina: your outsourcing partner for IT support in Hertfordshire

6 Jul 2016 Richard McBarnet
Luminatech as an IT Outsource partner in hertfordshire

Lumina Technologies has been providing IT support in Hertfordshire since 2008 and has developed a very successful Managed Services model that takes the worry of IT away from the management team. As many of our local clients already know, by using the services of an outsourcing partner for IT support in Hertfordshire, you no longer have to worry about IT issues, because they’ll all be taken care of for you.

In running a successful business, you don’t need to know the technical ins and outs of the IT world – you just need to know that the experts are taking care of it; in the same way that we don’t need to know all the ins and outs of your business in order to do our own job well.

All businesses will need someone to look after their IT. Typically a small start-up will get by with the founders taking care of IT themselves until at some point they realise they need to find someone else to manage it as they become more heavily involved in running the business. At this stage, they face a decision of whether to hire someone or to outsource their IT management. Traditionally many businesses have gone for the former and as the business grows, that one person morphs into a fully-fledged IT department. Increasingly, though, business owners are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their IT from the very beginning and will look for a local IT outsourcing partner.

Part of your team

Clients who choose Lumina as their IT Managed Services Provider typically say we become an integral part of their company, because by offering a bespoke service, tailored to each business, we have the opportunity to intimately get to know the business and their staff, sharing their successes and building up long-term relationships with them.

IT support  in Hertfordshire

Whilst we cover companies across London and the UK, a large part of our client base is local to Hertfordshire where our head office is based.

If you are looking for a Hertfordshire IT outsourcing company that can deal with all your IT Infrastructure Management, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions and Data Protection needs, talk to us to find out how we can help.

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