Cloud Services

Through the adoption of cloud technology as part of your Hosting Services, we can help you redefine the way you run your business, by embracing new technologies, remote working and universal access.

Cloud Services are simply services that are hosted off-site and delivered over the internet. They can include everything from email and website hosting to backup and multi-site and mobile collaboration.

There is still confusion over what the cloud actually is and how it can help your business. We will cut through the hype to help you understand what the advantages and disadvantages of cloud solutions are, helping you make well-informed decisions about how to use it. Our agnostic stance on technology enables us to give you the best advice about the cloud, including whether or not it makes sense for your company and, if it does, what type of platform would work best for you.

What is the cloud?

At its simplest, the cloud is a network of computers and storage that shares resources to deliver storage services over a network, rather than storing data on a single machine. Cloud Services are typically accessed over the internet, but some larger organisations also use dedicated private connections.

In many ways, the cloud has always been with us since the advent of the mainframe, and today’s offerings are really a mature version of the platforms that started life back in the ‘50s. It was the arrival of reliable high-speed connectivity that opened the door to the cloud services we use all the time today.

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