Disaster Recovery

Having a good Disaster Recovery plan in place is essential if you want to get your company up and running again as soon as possible after any kind of disaster.

Many companies think that having a good Disaster Recovery plan in place is all that is needed, but an effective disaster recovery plan covers all aspects of your business, not just your IT.

Disasters do not have to be catastrophic to have an adverse affect on your business. They could be as simple as a power cut (as BA found out to their cost in summer 2017), workers accidentally cutting through your broadband cable when digging up the road, or an emergency in a neighbouring building which results in the evacuation of your own.

Detail-driven planning

We can help you plan for all eventualities will help you restore normal service as soon as possible after the disaster has occurred. A Disaster Recovery plan will deal with practicalities such as how you will communicate with your staff in the immediate aftermath of a disaster to brief them about what they need to do next. Good planning will tackle problems like where your staff will sit if they do not have access to their desks, and ensure they have access to your data and systems to enable them to work.

Recovering data from your backup is a vital element of disaster recovery, but you need to think of the most efficient way of restoring data. We can help you prioritise the data your business simply cannot survive without and make sure that’s the first thing to be restored, before tackling the other data that can wait till things have calmed down.

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