Disasters are not limited to the obvious fire, flood and theft, but may also occur due to equipment failure, inadvertent deletion, and deliberate, malicious action. Businesses have long been educated on the need to ensure data Backup is properly carried out.

Although tape-based systems are still in use and are, in many instances, the most appropriate solution, businesses – particularly small ones – are increasingly turning to online Backup platforms.

Our Backup services not only records your data on our onsite hardware, it also records it on our two secure offsite data centres, giving you complete reassurance that your data is safe no matter what. In the event of a disaster, we will be able to restore your data and return you to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Benefits of outsourcing your Backup

  • With our online service, all your data is encrypted at source and securely transmitted to two geographically distant, highly secure data centres.
  • We use image-based services to ensure we capture all the data on your servers and, with backups being taken as frequently as every 15 minutes, we can ensure a very high level of recoverability.
  • We transmit data offsite on a daily basis where it can be stored in accordance with your businesses’ retention strategy.
  • No Backup solution can truly be called a backup solution unless the data is being tested on a regular basis. That is why we verify all our backups as they are taken, with a further verification check done on a daily basis. We also provide a weekly deeper verification, with the addition of a comprehensive monthly test restore.
  • We will provide you with monthly reports on all backup statistics to give you the confidence that your data is protected on an ongoing basis, giving you the assurance that your business will be able to survive a catastrophic event.

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