IT Procurement

As part of our IT Procurement work, we can source hardware and software on your behalf in order to create a fully integrated IT infrastructure.

Although we work closely with our suppliers, we are not affiliated with any of them. In fact, we pride ourselves on being brand agnostic, which means we will only recommend the right hardware or software for the job. And whilst we offer IT Procurement, we do not impose any requirements that you purchase technologies through us. However, we have found that because many of our clients value our experience and product knowledge, our ability to leverage pricing and the time-savings they make in not having to deal with procurement themselves, they are usually very happy for us to undertake this service.

Advantages of outsourcing procurement

In the past, we have seen examples of clients procuring their own products that either do not meet their needs, or end up being more costly to run than other technology, or are simply incompatible with their platform.

By outsourcing IT procurement to us, you can avoid such costly mistakes. We will ensure the products we supply to you are fit-for-purpose, meet your business’s needs and can be effectively supported by our service team.

Tried and tested products

Our procurement process goes beyond merely purchasing hardware and software. With hardware, we always inspect deliveries, record the purchase in your asset register, bench test it to confirm there is no damage or manufacturing defect, and handle any warranty claims or returns.

This not only saves you a lot of time, it also gives you peace of mind that you have the right equipment for your needs, it will work properly as soon as it is installed, and it is the right price for your agreed budget. And the best thing is that the whole process only requires minimal involvement from you, leaving you and your staff with more time to get on with your business.

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