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When it is time to move on to a larger IT Managed Service Provider

24 Oct 2018 Lumina Technologies

Having the right IT managed service provider for the size of your company is essential for the smooth running and optimal security of your system.

As you grow your company, your IT needs become ever more complex. There comes a point in your growth when moving your IT support to the next layer becomes the most logical solution. And the sooner you have that conversation with the next tier provider, the better your experience will be.

The MSP needs of a small business are different from the needs of larger companies. Finding a great IT managed services provider that specialises in supporting start-up companies can help massively. However, when it comes to growing your company, the IT support team that has been ideal for your current needs may not be the best company to help take you forward.

To benefit from optimum support, you need an IT provider that has aligned its infrastructure to the size of your business. Our suite of services is specifically aligned to 50-200 person businesses, enabling us to help the smooth running of your technology as your company grows.  

Thinking in the longer term

Taking the next step typically comes with needing to think differently about your IT needs and you will probably find you will be going from unstructured to structured support. You will also need to be even more security conscious, adding in an extra level of security, including Cyber Essential certification and training.

Your IT system is not for life

Many companies try and hang on to their IT system as long as possible in order to put off the time when it needs replacing. But this strategy could end up costing you more money in the long run.

As an example, we have been talking to one prospective client whose IT system is nearly 20 years old. Because of this, the company opted to drop any kind of IT support three years ago and has been operating on a wing and a prayer ever since. But ultimately this will not save them any money – it will cost them just as much to catch up with new hardware and software as it would have done to keep it updated, with the additional hidden costs (and frustrations) caused by slow technology making everyone more unproductive…

There is also the risk of the entire system failing unexpectedly. Not only will your company incur a heavy cost to put it right, it will also lose business in the downtime.

If your current system is old, you may be dreading the investment you will need to make in order to renew it. But things may not be as bad as you think, and it may well be that the entire system does not have to be replaced immediately.

If your business has outgrown your current IT managed service provider, contact us to discuss your future options. We can help you plan for your IT outsourcing needs for the next five years (the anticipated lifespan of your hardware).


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