Cyber Essentials

The government’s new Cyber Essentials certifications are vital tools in the war against cybercrime. We can help you implement the technologies and staff training required to achieve compliance and certification with Cyber Essentials. Certification will give you and your clients peace of mind that you have high levels of protection, it will also safeguard your company from disruption and financial losses.

We believe the most compelling reason why you should have a Cyber Essentials (CE) certification is to demonstrate your acknowledgement of, and adherence to, good cybersecurity best practice.

However, there are other business reasons to be Cyber Essential-certified. As many insurers have begun to make certification a requirement, it will also potentially reduce your insurance premiums.

CE is gaining a lot of traction in the business community. Indeed, it is now mandatory for any suppliers bidding for government contracts to have certification.

Cyber Essential levels

There are two levels of Cyber Essentials: the standard Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus.

With standard CE, you are required to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire and submit it to the certifying body for verification. They will perform a basic external vulnerability test, after which a certificate is issued. Prices for this level start from £300.

With CE Plus, there is an additional internal vulnerability scan, as well as an onsite assessment designed to audit the infrastructure. Cyber Essential Plus prices start from £1,250.

We are proud to say that all of our clients meet the Cyber Essentials requirements and we are active promoters of the scheme, encouraging all businesses to undertake the assessment.

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