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What will IT Services be like in 2019?

26 Nov 2018 Lumina Technologies
IT Services for 2019

Work culture is changing almost as rapidly as technology, which means all the services we offer are being impacted by new developments. Over the next year, we are expecting some of our clients to change their requirements significantly so we are adapting our IT services to be ready for these exciting changes.

One of the changes we have already noticed is that companies have begun to spend more money on keeping their IT up to scratch in order to cope with employees’ different aspirations and needs. We are finding that younger team members want different technology and are looking for sexier IT which means many new toys in the form of hardware and software.

This need has resulted in one of our clients replacing the company’s laptops every two years. This may seem wasteful, but if it means the difference between your best employees staying or leaving. Then, when you compare the cost of new laptops against the cost of recruitment and training, it does actually make good business sense.

In fact, in exit interviews, more and more staff members are quoting the working environment as one of the reasons for leaving. If slow and outdated technology is cut out of the equation, then your staff attrition rates could slow down significantly. Ultimately, new technology is a way of investing in your employees’ ability to be productive – so if you give them the right tools enabling them to be productive in the way they want to work, then they are more likely to stay.

Keep your head in the cloud

We have therefore been pushing cloud adoption strategies forward. Device connectivity gives everyone the opportunity to integrate, giving people a unified experience and on-the-go mobility.

Virtual Desktops have become an area of growth and demand, giving employees the freedom to access files from any device and location. Thanks to the new cloud enterprise operating system in Windows 10, we now have the ability to ensure that the home laptops of your staff are up-to-date and cyber secure, enabling us to protect your work system from the accidental introduction of a virus via home technology.

Cloud technology enables your team to work smarter. Rather than constantly sending each other documents, downloading them, revising them and resending them – a slow and inefficient way of working that is also a drain on your storage – all parties can work together on a single document that is kept centrally.

Video conferencing

Although the technology to enable video conferencing has been around for many years, there is still very little uptake of it. There are two reasons for this. One is that the technology has, until now, not been particularly good. Another is that being able to see the person you are talking to does not really add much to the experience – culturally, we still need to make the leap to video conferencing.

Luckily, video conferencing technology has turned a corner and it is set to be a huge growth area. We are now installing video conferencing suites with 75” HD screens, wireless solutions, and connections to Chromecast and Airplay from all devices, enabling visitors to connect instantly to your system.

If you are based in London or Hertfordshire and would like to discuss how our IT services can help your company retain its best employees and best clients, please feel free to contact us.

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