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Alternative Legal IT conference

When: 01/10/2019 To: 02/08/2019
Location: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor

Come and visit Lumina Technologies at the UK’s No. 1 legal technology event exclusively for mid-tier law firms.

Lumina Technologies works in partnership with organisations to remove the challenges of IT and help them use technology as a business enabler.

All too often the IT budgets of companies are stretched and focused on “keeping the lights on” activities. With IT teams at maximum capacity, interrupt-driven service desks take priority over the large value delivering projects.  We partner with IT departments to take away the burden of the Helpdesk and lower-level projects to allow their team to focus on delivering real value and deliver the strategic goals of the business.

The IT teams that work with us see an improved answer rate,  response time, first fixed-rate and increased user satisfaction. Whilst allowing their experienced resource to focus on providing far high value back to the business.

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