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Enabling a remote workforce – Why your business should consider VDI

When: 25/02/2021 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Online Webinar

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is becoming more and more prevalent within businesses because it is providing companies with new ways of working and managing their staff.

One of the main ways VDI is impacting the way businesses work is the fact that it allows companies to collaborate across large distances; even between countries and time zones. This therefore provides businesses with greater flexibility and improves productivity.

In addition, VDI is increasingly being adopted because technology is allowing for it i.e. with more computing power being provided in a smaller footprint or via cloud services. But what is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and how does it allow for all of this?

At its simplest, VDI is the virtualisation of a user’s desktop on a centralised server instead of using resources via a device like a laptop, PC or workstation. VDI still requires a user to have a device to access the virtualised desktop operating system, but the workloads remain on the centralised server. This means that the only data the user typically receives is the input and output data sent and received via a keyboard, mouse and display.

VDI can be either implemented internally within an organisation on dedicated hardware, or what is becoming more common, on a cloud service. It offers choice and flexibility to address the unique needs of your business, end user profiles and mobility demands and gives you and your team a flexible way to access your workstation operating systems and applications from any device anywhere.  Each of these options however have their benefits and drawbacks, so like any IT infrastructure or business project, they need to be thought through. One VDI solution doesn’t fit every business case.

Is VDI right for your company? With cloud virtual desktop infrastructure, companies can immediately enable empower employees to work at home without compromising security or performance. But how easy is it to deploy cloud-based VDI technology? And how does it differ from traditional VDI solutions or virtual desktop machines in terms of cost, scalability, security and management?

In our free webinar we will discuss the different types of cloud-based virtual desktops (VDI) and the facts about VDI solutions and whether they are right for your business.

Find out more about…

  • Pros and cons of cloud-based VDI
  • Common use cases for VDI
  • Key factors to enable remote workers fast and efficiently
  • How to get started, including pricing, design and management
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