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What does it really mean to manage your IT strategically and why you should be doing it?

When: 28/01/2021 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Online Webinar

From phone calls and emails, to cloud storage, technology has become an increasingly important cog in the business engine.  Technology is in a constant state of change with new innovations being announced daily.  Too often, business owners fall into the trap of upgrading to whichever technology is in vogue without proper assessment of the risks involved.

The Challenge

Two of the top three expectations for businesses are to align to business strategy and to transform business processes.

IT does not do a good job aligning to business goals, with 47% of business leaders feeling that their goals are unsupported by IT.

Most IT departments lack the skill to develop a strategic plan for IT: a staggering 84% of IT departments surveyed claim their IT strategies are less than adequate.

Everything IT does should support the business. A list of projects is not a strategic plan. A good strategy clearly links IT initiatives to business goals.

Business stakeholders cannot translate how IT initiatives will help achieve their objectives. IT needs to provide a concise way for stakeholders to digest how IT initiatives are supporting the organization.

The solution

A well-crafted IT strategy is critical to enhancing business growth.

If the success of your business relies heavily on your IT infrastructure’s performance, then you need to create a more solid backbone for your operations. Without proper management and an IT strategy, technology can potentially backfire and hold you back from success.

At its core, a well planned IT management strategy will give you the resources to run your business operations seamlessly. When managed properly and as part of your growth strategy, technology can:

  • Reduce costs via automation
  • Systemise your data management
  • Improve employee collaboration and productivity
  • Transfer data electronically
  • Secure and store information

Strategic IT management allows you to maximise the value technology brings to your organisation, while minimising the costs and mitigating any risks, and it is most effective when its functions align with your business strategies.

With technology constantly evolving—often in unknown and unpredictable ways—you need to come up with management strategies to stay ahead of the game. The rapid pace of technological advancement pushes business owners to thrive and expand more. Effective IT management strategies will help you keep up and retain your competitive edge.

In our webinar we will discuss viewing your IT as a strategic asset with your visions of growth rather than just a business function and essential tips for building a business aligned IT strategy in order to prepare your business for the future.

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