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Helen McBarnet


What do you do with your day at Lumina? As Lumina’s Sales Director, I work on our sales strategy and think up new initiatives to keep our Company moving forward.

What are you good at? Wearing different ‘hats’ on a quick repeat cycle, whether it’s being at work or home with the children or chairing the PTA or leading a reading group session. I’m organised and strive to live to the high standards I set myself.

Likes: Blotting out everything else and immersing myself in a book. My lovely Golden Retriever Emma. Entertaining, seeing friends and family. Cheeky glass of sherry on Sunday before lunch followed by good red wine.

Dislikes: Goats – cannot be around them with the fear that any moment they might take a bite out of what I’m wearing or me. Happy however to pass my two young children into petting corner at farms without a care!

Would like to meet: Audrey Hepburn – actually she wouldn’t need to be there, it’s her clothes I’d really like to meet.

Did you know: I met my husband on a blind date arranged by his mother!

Favourite Holiday: I had just passed my driving test at 17 and a friend and I decided to drive from Kent to Scotland and spend a month getting to see Scotland. We sang along to 80’s compilation tapes, camped along the way and met some great people. We had little money and no real plans but with stunning scenery and lots of laughing I now have a fantastic memory to cherish.

Favourite Food: It’s got to be chocolate – nothing fancy just Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate, with nuts acceptable but no fruit with chocolate ever.

Top IT Tip: Surround yourself with people who know stuff about IT!

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