My role at Lumina has evolved from founder and first engineer to CEO and strategic leader. My day-to-day responsibilities include being the visionary, moral compass, strategist and custodian of the business, with a strong emphasis on driving technical innovation, inspiring the team and delivering growth. In addition to evaluating new technologies and business solutions to incorporate into our service portfolio I provide consulting services to our clients, specifically around IT strategy, budgeting, operational maturity, cyber security, risk management and business continuity. I revel in solving business problems and judiciously applying technology to deliver creative solutions.

In common with many entrepreneurs, I have learned my craft at the coal face and have taken on the full spectrum of challenges growing a business entails, all of which have enabled me to develop professionally, forge lasting relationships with mentors, understand my place in our local community and drive success, fulfilment and engagement throughout the organisation.

I am the Branch Chair and Cyber Security Ambassador for the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Hertfordshire which gives me further opportunity to meet business leaders, gain new insights and perspectives and share my own experience and skills in governance, leadership and impact, all of which I bring to bear in our own organisation and for our clients.

In 2020 I was awarded the IoD’s Certificate in Company Direction, the first step towards achieving Chartered Director status.

Prior to starting Lumina Technologies I worked for 12 years in the lighting industry, working my way up from theatre electrician to lighting design and automation. The combined experience of practical hands-on work and creative passion set me up well to build an IT services business and in 1998 I took the plunge and deployed my first NT4.0 domain. Since then I have been involved in every aspect of IT and business management which enables me to look holistically at our business and those of our clients, using my experience to make a difference.

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