I am the Service Desk Manager at Lumina, and my role is split in to two parts of technical work and team management. On a day-to-day basis I will be working tickets with the team, providing technical/logistical guidance, and handling escalations. I also take a holistic view of the service board and all open tickets to ensure nothing falls through the cracks; we pride ourselves on efficient, white-glove service whilst maintaining a high level of quality and a personal touch, and I work closely with the team to ensure they are empowered to keep the standards high. Being the person the Service Desk looks to for guidance, I am a keen believer in leading by example and will always be there to support the team with what they need, including 1:1s, daily team catch-ups, proactive ticket reviews, and making sure everyone is happy within themselves (and in their role).

IT is a genuine interest of mine and I decided I wanted to enjoy a career focused on something I am naturally drawn towards. My introduction to the sector was a 1st line support role in a large business, and from here I moved on to a 2nd line position at Lumina and then to a team leader/supervisor role shortly afterwards. I am now the Service Desk Manager.

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