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Death of traditional PBX and raise of Hosted PBX

9 Jan 2018 Lumina Technologies
Hosted PBX 2 | Lumina Technologies

Developed in the 1990s, business-grade ISDN lines have provided us with high quality digital telephone lines for the last 20 years. Companies wanting to implement a phone system needed to install their own PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems which often meant a large box on the wall hard-wired to all the telephone handsets.

Over the past 20 years, the convergence between IT and telephony has evolved. The PBX has become cloud-based which means that we can now run telephone systems on the same internal data networks as our computers and across our internet broadband or leased lines.

And now the popularity of the cloud is radically changing the face of telephony. ISDN is due to be discontinued in 2025 and the traditional PBX is becoming obsolete, it will be soon be replaced by cloud-based hosted telephony systems.

The future of telephony

The integration of telephone and computer networks has resulted in telecoms increasingly coming under IT, rather than being services in their own right. By making telecoms cloud-based, we are able to give it greater functionality which makes it a lot more user-friendly, future-proofed and feature-rich.

Hosted PBX or Hosted Telephony enables us to work even more flexibly. Our workforces have more freedom and the mobility to work wherever they want without being constrained by location. Hosted PBX enables us to have a phone extension at home, or to use our mobile phones as part of our company’s network, so calls can be patched through to wherever a staff member is without the caller realising they are not necessarily sitting in a central office.

However, the traditional PBX will never be more than a box that is physically connected to the wall, and this is becoming increasingly irrelevant in our modern, connected working world.

The 3 styles of PBX

  • Appliance-based – where individual phones are attached by a cable to a rack server. If the server fails, all the handsets fail with it.
  • Software-based PBX – based on a server infrastructure that provides greater flexibility. It is remotely manageable, can easily be scaled up or down, can be replicated to a disaster recovery site or included as part of a high availability infrastructure and can easily be upgraded in order to keep pace with developments.
  • Hosted PBX – all telephony needs are catered for in the cloud, meaning there is no infrastructure based in a company’s building. It offers huge flexibility and scalability, as well as value for money.

Hosted Telephony is increasingly making sense for companies. With cloud-based services becoming the norm, it provides a much cheaper option that is easy to run and offers huge flexibility.

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