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What will IT services be like in 2020?

15 Jan 2020 Lumina Technologies
IT Services trends 2020

There are no notable innovations in IT at the moment but what we are seeing is that the current technology is maturing, especially in the professional services sector. Also, as organisations are realising how relevant the technology is, the more attention they are paying to them.

Several years ago, we were finding that businesses weren’t interested in the IT services we were recommending to them but now it’s the other way around. Many of our clients are coming to us for advice about the systems they’ve researched independently.

Companies are adopting mature technology

IT trends of recent times will remain at the forefront of services in 2020. Even though Cloud technology has come a long way, many of our clients are still considering the options between managing and owning IT infrastructure, i.e. whether to store data on the Cloud or on-site.

While some organisations continue to adopt desktop technology, which means that everyone is tied to the office, others are taking a different view. As property prices rise, agile working is becoming more and more appealing to companies of all sizes, which is where Cloud technology comes into its own.

A movement to the Cloud gives people the freedom of mobile working at the same time as enjoying a unified experience, with the benefits of greater continuity, as well as protection against power outages and hardware failure. As we see 5G rolling out, more people could be freed up to work outside the workplace.


As AI technology gets better, it is now a hugely cost-effective way of increasing productivity at the same time as improving accuracy, especially in the lower-skilled tasks, e.g. when analysing data. Companies are using it as a way of increasing their teams’ efficiency and enabling fee earners to spend less time on lower-level tasks and more time on what they specialise in.

How do you harness that excitement for new IT?

With new apps being developed all the time, it’s tempting for companies to install the ones they want as they come out. But doing things in such a piecemeal way is not the most effective way of going about it and every new piece of technology must be assessed to ensure it is the best fit for the company as a whole, not just for the task in hand.

Good governance is about taking care of the fundamentals, such as core infrastructure, cybersecurity, helpdesk and constant interaction to assess the best IT for the needs of the company as a whole.

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