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Business continuity management

14 Aug 2017 Richard McBarnet
Business Continuity Management -Lumina Technologies

The recent fiasco at BA shows how important it is to have a workable business continuity management plan in place. At the very least, BA’s disastrous disaster recovery plan could end up costing them at least £80m with the inevitable knock-on effects on its reputation from this very public debacle.

The BA story was a timely and salutary lesson for the 14 business leaders who gathered for Lumina’s latest breakfast briefing at the end of June. As a consequence, MD Richard McBarnet’s intention to make people truly understand the importance of planning for business continuity was made a lot easier.

What is ‘business continuity’?

The British Standards Institute defines business continuity as “the capability of the organisation to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident”.

This capability is much needed as research shows that companies are woefully unprepared. Only 51% of small businesses have a business continuity plan, yet 86% of companies have experienced outages in the last 12 months. What’s more, when push came to shove, 33% of companies found out the hard way that their plans were inadequate. The research and advisory company Gartner is predicting that things are only going to get worse, with 35% of companies having major difficulties recovering one or more mission-critical business processes because of inadequate continuity plans.

Learning takeaways

Delegates at the breakfast briefing learnt more about the anatomy of a good disaster recovery programme and the types of mostly mundane causes of business stoppages. Richard then shared advice not only about implementing a good business continuity management plan, but also steps you can take to make it more likely you’d avoid disaster in the first place.

Here’s what some of our delegates said about the seminar:

Fantastic presentation giving a real insight into what’s required to ensure your business is prepared for any disaster roadblocks in the future.

Steve Tyler, Broadway Travel Service

Informative talk on a subject that has relevance to businesses, big and small.

Mark Williams, sales-mind

Richard provides clear, easy to understand information in a time efficient breakfast briefing.  Well worth attending.

Tania Barney, Sensory Intelligence

Very well presented, inviting a friendly atmosphere. Breakfast was lovely and good choices.

Gemma Rydqvist, Herts Chamber of Commerce

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