Virtual CIO

A Board-level resource to ensure your company’s IT strategy is fit for purpose. As your Virtual CIO, we will take care of everything an IT Director would do, without the need to recruit and retain a full-time resource.

For many companies, hiring a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director is an unrealistically expensive option. On the other hand, having someone with a wealth of experience in a senior position overseeing your IT strategy is a hugely important part of its success.

Balancing need with budget

One major obstacle to hiring a senior IT Director is that much of the time needed to concentrate on IT strategy is intermittent. There will be times when a CIO needs to really focus on procurement, analysis, budgeting, regulation etc, and other times when the job does not demand so much of their time. By hiring a Virtual CIO, you will only be paying for the skills and experience of a senior IT Director when you actually need it, so you receive the same level of support for a much smaller investment.

In order to save money, many companies will appoint an in-house IT manager, but people in this position tend to work at a more granular level and often end up distracted by everyday issues rather than being able to concentrate on an overview of IT strategy and enhancements.

A valuable partnership

As your ‘Virtual CIO’, we will work at Board level to help define your IT strategy, make sure it is aligned with your corporate objectives, is fit for purpose and provides an optimal ROI.

The benefit to your company is the skills and experience of a CIO, but without the costs involved.

As part of the Virtual CIO service, we will:

  • develop your IT strategy according to your needs and budget
  • project manage installation of your systems
  • ensure your systems are maintained and secure
  • meet with you on a quarterly basis and report regularly to your Board
  • be on hand for advice whenever needed

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