Colocation Services

We can transfer your servers into our own data centres, where you can access them via the internet. Unlike a cloud solution, you still own the infrastructure, and we simply manage it on your behalf.

There are business reasons for needing colocation services. Whilst for the majority of organisations, cloud services are an ideal solution to their computing requirements, other businesses prefer to also use dedicated hardware, typically for regulatory compliance reasons or assurance on data segregation. In these instances we will provide you with Colocation Services where you can rent space in our data centres – however big or small – and dedicated internet connectivity or private point-to-point circuits. We will also provide monthly reports on your power and data consumption.

One of the advantages of colocation is that you can have physical access to your services and infrastructure, albeit subject to the usual stringent security protocols. Colocation may be necessary where a high level of assurance on physical or network access is required.

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