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Paige Nicklin

Service Desk Supervisor

I am the Service Desk supervisor, supporting and managing our 1st and 2nd line team – they are the helpful bunch you talk to when you contact us for assistance. My work involves overseeing all client communications to ensure our service is up to the highest standard. I also work on client tickets with the rest of the team.

Customer service is paramount above all else – we have a variety of impressive skills in our team, and these really start to shine when our customer service skills are top notch. I am most happy in my role when I am able to provide a great service to our clients, knowing we have instilled in them a feeling of positivity and confidence!

Originally I joined Lumina as a 2nd line engineer. Before this, I was in the IT industry for four years in a 1st Line Engineer role, where I developed a strong interest in IT and a desire to learn!

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