Protect IT

We can protect your infrastructure, network and data from both external threats and accidental loss, making sure you stay up and running and recover quickly when the worst happens.

Cyber Essentials

The government’s new Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications are vital tools in the war against cybercrime. We can help you implement the technologies and staff training required which will not only raise your standards to certified levels and potentially reduce insurance premiums but also protect your company from disruption and financial losses.

Managed Firewall

Our managed firewalls repel all potential threats from outside your network while allowing legitimate data traffic to enter and exit as normal. They can also manage and prioritise traffic and generate reports on internet usage and traffic patterns, if required.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Modern networks have a huge range of devices connected to them, from laptops and desktops to phones and tablets, and they all need protection. We can keep them safe from viruses, Trojans and other threats.

Managed Email Protection

We can filter your email to keep out spam and viruses or catch messages containing specific keywords. This protects you against outside threats as well as guarding against internal issues such as breaches of confidentiality. We can also use encryption and other techniques to keep your email safe in transit.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We can backup your data to our onsite appliance plus our two secure offsite datacentres, giving you reassurance that your data is safe no matter what, and that in the event of a disaster, we can restore your data to return you to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is all about making sure your business can still operate in the period between disaster and recovery. We can help you decide what level of cover you need and put solutions in place to support you until normal service can be resumed.