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The Lumina way of collecting and actioning feedback

15 Oct 2019 Lumina Technologies

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of negative feedback. After all, you can only improve your service by finding out what is wrong.

At Lumina, we care about our customers, and it is our job to help them grow and achieve their strategic objectives. And we listen to them by collecting feedback.

We have recently changed our approach to feedback and try and collect negative feedback – a dangerous approach you may think, but if you don’t know it is broke, how can you fix it!

We previously attempted to maintain a 99% CSAT score. We did this by asking clients how well we did via a survey. Even though we thought the survey was short and easy to fill out, we were getting a return rate of less than 10%. While the scores we received where high, we also had stakeholders calling us and they were definitely not 99% happy. Something wasn’t right.

If it is broke, fix it!

We recently took the decision to change the way we ask for feedback. Firstly, we started using a tool that allowed for one-click feedback. We also decided the feedback needed to be based on emotion and not opinion. As a result, we now have a smiley feedback system embedded on every resolved ticket email. This approach has increased our return rate to over 30%.

Colour system

Now that we are getting a wider range of feedback, we have designed a new process to achieve value for each type:

  • Gold: This feedback is from our raving fans. We ask them to leave feedback on external-facing services such as Google business reviews or LinkedIn and look to create testimonials or case studies based on their experiences.
  • Green: This type of feedback is monitored closely. Once a week, each piece of feedback we receive with a comment is read by the Head of Service Delivery so we can learn what makes our customers happy. This feedback is then shared with the team and used to understand how the KPIs we use influence how our customers feel about the service we deliver.
  • Amber: People telling us that we are OK is possibly the most dangerous type of feedback. This feedback is owned by the service desk team and it is their job to reply to all amber feedback in an attempt to recover the situation. We have empowered the team to go above and beyond to achieve this by giving them time and resource as required. It is important that the service desk team owns this type of feedback. Through handling it, they not only learn and grow as a team but also change their approach quickly to avoid the issues happening again.
  • Red: This is owned by the Head of Service Delivery. They call the person back immediately to find out what went wrong and what needs to happen to resolve the issue. The resolution must be speedy and it must be long term. Red feedback also triggers a process review for how we handle issues for that service. Doing this means we commit to it not happening again.

Lessons learned

In the first month of our new approach we have learned a lot. We have already changed four of our processes to prevent issues happening again. We have also identified a skills gap that is now being filled by a training programme.

As we continue to collect feedback, we will use the data to improve current services and shape new ones. Yes, the positives are good, but it is only through the negatives that we can shape, improve and create a better performing service in the future.

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