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Remote monitoring is vital for your IT support

27 Jun 2017 Richard McBarnet
Remote Monitoring IT Support - Lumina Technologies

Remote monitoring is used as an IT support tool because it gathers information about both the software and hardware, alerting your IT service provider of any issues as soon as they happen, allowing technical staff to fix the problem before it gets worse. It is an essential aid for the health of your network and computer health for a number of reasons.


Remote monitoring is a good assurance mechanism when it comes to security. You will always be sure that all measures safeguarding the system and your business are up-to-date and fully maintained. After all, an out-of-date virus scanner is only marginally better than not having any virus scanner at all.  

Knowing where your assets are

Now that more and more people are using moveable devices to work on, it is easy to lose sight of your assets, where each device is and what it is doing. Remote monitoring gives you an overview of your IT estate, making all your assets visible all the time.  

Incident detection

Hacking is a part of everyday life, and it’s impossible for even the best IT support staff to monitor systems for intrusion attempts and data breaches 24/7. Remote monitoring will flag up any hacking attempt.  

Capacity management

As it’s a continuous process, remote monitoring ensures your systems have enough capacity to deal efficiently with requirements. One of the ways this benefits companies is when it comes to disk space. In the normal course of events, users have no idea how much space there is on the system but remote monitoring will flag up when free space hits a defined threshold and risks becoming an issue, so it can be increased before it is exhausted.

Business continuity

One of the main advantages of outsourcing remote monitoring is that if there is a problem out-of-hours, it is less likely to result in an interruption to your business. As a managed services provider, we can react immediately, so if, for instance, we are alerted at 4am that a platform is down, we will start working on it straightaway. In the majority of cases, we will have your system fully functioning again by the time your employees sit down at their desks. If the problem isn’t discovered until the first member of staff had tried to log in, the likelihood is that your company could lose a significant number of working hours waiting for the issue to be resolved.


GDPR is the new European legislation around data capture and storage that will come into effect in May 2018. Remote monitoring will help ensure you both achieve and continue to maintain compliance with all aspects of the new law.

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