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IT Technical Assessment

19 Jul 2018 Lumina Technologies
IT Technical Assessment - Lumina Technologies

When it comes to protecting your IT system, you can never be too careful. Sadly, it is not a question of if your system is targeted by hackers, but when. That is why you must protect your system as much as possible against potential cyber attacks.

Even if you have outsourced your IT management to a specialist provider, you may still want to invest in an independent IT audit, to get true peace of mind that everything is working at optimal efficiency.

We undertake three different assessments: Security Audit, a Technical Audit, and an Operational Audit.

Our Technical Audit

In our Technical Audit, we will look at your existing infrastructure including servers, workstations, print, network layer, internet, voice and backup. We will look at how they link together with a view to ensuring you have the right building blocks for an IT strategy that will take your business forward. We will not only test its effectiveness, we will also assess it in terms of its relevance to your organisation. Central to this is the age of your server and whether or not you have a risk strategy in place in case it fails. If, for whatever reason, it stops working without a backup, what would that break in continuity mean for your business?

Even though, as far as you are aware, everything is functional and working fine, it does not mean it is working optimally for your company and the way you trade. To use a transport metaphor, perhaps you have been driving to work every day which works well, but your commute takes two hours; you then discover there is a rail service that could get you to your desk in just one hour, which is a much more efficient way of getting into the office and also allows you to work on the train, so you use the commute to get work done and it gives you more free time. So the drive is OK, but the train is far better.

Through the technical assessment, we will gain a better understanding of the suitability of your hardware and its relevance to your organisation – it may well be that there are alternatives that are much better suited to the work of your organisation, and they will enable you to work more efficiently, at the same time as providing you with more cost-effective solutions.

After the audit, we will produce a full hardware and software asset inventory report which includes end-of-life assessments, as well as our recommendations for alternative hardware and software that will improve efficiencies and ensure the continuity of your business, even if the main server goes down.

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