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IT Operational Assessments

25 Jul 2018 Lumina Technologies
IT Operational Assessment - Lumina Technologies

How do you know your IT is heading in the right direction? Although another important question to ask yourself is, do you even know which direction your IT needs to be heading in?

An independent IT Operational Assessment will complement our other assessments – the Security and Technical Audits – by conducting a complete overview of your operational processes and IT strategy.

The value we can deliver via an operational audit is by providing an accurate overall picture of all your hardware and software. An in-house department for an SME typically lacks that high level strategy that an enterprise grade board level IT Director/CIO can bring. Usually because the costs of hiring such an individual far exceeds the IT budget. You may have a fantastic IT Engineer or even a great IT Manager, but their focus is usually on the day to day and technical levels and not the Strategic overview of the whole IT function. They will fix issues on an ad hoc basis, including downloading new software and buying in new equipment, but without being able to see how the system as a whole fits together, or planning how the IT system maps against the overall business goals.

After an operational assessment, we will be able to make recommendations to make your system more cohesive, efficient and cost-effective. For instance, if there is one piece of software that would suit all departments, your company could save money on the different licenses from all the different apps that have been downloaded.

The bigger picture

The IT Operational Audit also assess the practices of your personnel to make sure any IT staff keep up-to-date and that their training is fit for purpose. Your office culture will also be assessed to make sure they are trained in, and following, cybersecurity practices. Carelessness by office staff can result in them unwittingly putting your company in danger of a data breach.

We will also look at your company’s work processes and what could happen if there is a break in business continuity. We typically find that once we start talking to companies about this and other aspects of their operations, they realise they need to think more carefully about their strategy, even if they have confidence that their IT system is working satisfactorily.

For instance, after one client’s operational assessment, we suggested some changes and updates that would benefit the client greatly. The client followed our recommendations and ended up spending less in the first year on IT event with the cost of upgrades than they had been paying previously. With the business benefit that it was also more efficient than the old one!

Even if you think your IT system is OK, it is worth getting an independent assessment. It could well be that everything is working perfectly, in which case the audit will give you peace of mind. If not, the report will make recommendations on what needs to be done to protect your company and enable it to work at maximum efficiency.

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