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Stuart Knipe – Head of Service Delivery

17 Apr 2019 Lumina Technologies
Stuart Knipe - Head of Service Delivery - Lumina Technologies

We would like to introduce you to our new Head of Service Delivery, Stuart Knipe. Stuart has previously worked for large corporates based in London, such as Hearst Magazines, Dentsu Aegis Network and Catalyst Housing.

What appealed to him about working for Lumina is that he has previously worked with service providers but has not received the standards of service he would have preferred. His new role will enable him to make sure that Lumina’s clients enjoy that high level of customer service excellence he would liked to have experienced himself.

Stuart said: “I am very focused on the experience customers receive as I want to support their goals on a daily basis. In my role I will be introducing ways of encouraging more feedback and measurement so that we can learn from our clients and improve our services still further.”

In his role at Lumina, Stuart is building up the service desk and operations team, with a strong focus on ensuring they always deliver excellent customer service. “We want clients to be proud of working with Lumina. To achieve this, we must recruit the right candidates as well as putting processes in place to help them work effectively. We’re really good at the operational side of things, but I want to deliver better communication with our clients as the team assist them in achieving their business objectives.”

The achievement in his personal life that Stuart is most proud of is playing for Scotland in the Lacrosse World Championship in 1998. He started the sport almost by accident when a friend in a different school suggested he tried it. He liked it so much he played it regularly, becoming a member and captain of the Hitchin team, before progressing to playing at a national level for Scotland (his father is Scottish). He no longer plays as lacrosse can be quite a brutal sport, especially when you are not as young as you once were, but he is very pleased that it is gaining in popularity.

In his spare time, he spends a lot of time with his kids, having fun thanks to their common interests such as space and karate.

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