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Changes at Lumina Technologies

15 Nov 2019 Lumina Technologies
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To reflect the ongoing growth of Lumina Technologies, we have made some major changes at Board level that will enable us to drive the business further forward over the next five years. Richard McBarnet, founder and formerly our MD, is now our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Richard Cooksey has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

As CEO, Richard McBarnet is stepping away from operational management in order to focus on business strategy and brand values, with COO Richard Cooksey taking over the operational side of the business. At Board level, Richard McBarnet will now focus on the overall governance of the organisation, with his leadership team being accountable for the delivery of the overall strategy.

New emphasis on Environmental, Social & Governance Criteria

At Lumina, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been integral to our business model. As part of our new strategy, we are adopting the principles of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria which recognises and supports a wider remit.

CSR has always been a guiding principle for our business, but ESG goes much further to drive a different corporate ethic and placing profit as the last of the three ‘Ps’ – People, Planet, Profits. By driving Lumina Technologies forward on ESG principles, we are committed to being a socially and environmentally aware business, which positions us as part of the increasing momentum towards placing family and the environment at the heart of company values. We recognise that we have responsibilities towards people and the planet before our profits, which guides our ethical standards and positions our brand values.

Driving the business forward

Richard McBarnet believes the changes in the leadership team will enable him to drive company growth to the next level. “As MD, I had the dual responsibility that encompassed both directing the business and having an operational focus and hands-on role in the company. My position moving forward is primarily visionary, so I will be stepping away from the operational side of things in order to conceptualise the company’s future in terms of business development, relationship management, consultancy and higher-level strategic management. Richard Cooksey’s role as COO will be to translate that vision into executable strategies.”

Richard believes that he has found the right person in Richard Cooksey to help take the business forward. “This is the right step for the next phase of growth for Lumina, and I am delighted to have Richard alongside me. By working closely together, we will be able to ensure Lumina is best positioned to maximise its future potential. We are a formidable team and look forward to developing the company at the same time as delivering our core values. It is a very exciting new chapter for Lumina Technologies.”

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