Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe we have a responsibility to our local community, our employees, our clients, our partners and to the world around us.

We embed corporate social responsibility into all aspects of our business. We achieve this by pursuing the following goals:

  • To provide world-class services with the minimum environmental impact.
  • To comply with relevant UK legislation, to follow ethical trading standards and to encourage contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders, to show equal commitment to these aims.
  • To develop products and services that meet not only the functional needs of  our clients and participants but also their wider aspirations as individuals.
  • To maintain our commitment to continuous improvement and the attainment of “Best in Class” and demonstrating this through monitoring and reporting.

We take our ethical responsibilities seriously and hold ourselves accountable for our impact in our communities.

Active Community Participation

We believe we have a corporate social responsibility to participate in our local community and to work with local groups to promote and foster the welfare of those around us. We achieve this through fund-raising, volunteering, mentoring and providing our services pro bono.

We are currently supporting: