IT Lifecycle Management

IT Lifecycle Management is a natural extension to the IT Asset Management process. We will track the lifecycles of your hardware and software which will enable us to make recommendations about upgrades and replacements to ensure all your IT is up-to-date and fully supported. Under our IT Managed Services provision, our ‘cradle to grave’ service extends from procurement to the safe and responsible disposal of obsolete hardware.

Our IT Asset Management records will document the expiration date of your hardware and software. Having these deadlines will give us the advantage of being able to research and discuss the best new equipment for your business needs in advance, giving you plenty of time to make an informed decision.


By using a combination of our experience, industry best practice guidance and the manufacturers’ quoted ‘Mean Time Between Failures’ figures, we will be able to determine the optimum lifecycle of all your equipment. We will use this information to determine an end-of-life date on each piece of equipment when it is brought into service. This means that we can suggest the best time for you to replace each item of equipment before it becomes a liability.


We use a similar methodology with software, determining an end-of-life date so your software can be upgraded before it ceases to be supported by the manufacturer. This helps provide a detailed and holistic overview, enabling us to manage your IT efficiently and cost-effectively.

Responsible disposal

IT Lifecycle Management also includes the responsible disposal of your IT equipment. It is important for us that all hardware and software obtained through our procurement services is ethically sourced. When it comes to disposing of equipment, we apply the same ethical principles and will make sure it is done responsibly.

The first and most important stage of disposal is to remove all your data securely and irretrievably from the device.

If the equipment is still serviceable, we will donate it to chosen charities. If not, we will dispose of it through trusted WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) compliant recycling partners.

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