Web Hosting

We offer Website Hosting services at our UK data centres, offering you guaranteed speeds and uptime underpinned by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We have a lot of experience hosting and managing complex, database-driven and ecommerce sites.

These days there are huge numbers of vendors offering web hosting services. Virtually all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide some form of hosting, very often bundled with a subscription, or advertising costs as little as 50p a month. However, whilst these types of hosting packages are absolutely fine for personal, hobbyist or very small business websites, they do not provide the performance or responsiveness required for the majority of companies’ website needs.

Whilst much can be done to optimise the code of the webpages, if the underlying hardware is not able to meet the performance requirements, a high-functioning site will never be achieved.

A sure-fire way to put off potential customers or clients is to have a slow website. Talk to us about our high level Web Hosting services that are designed to meet the requirements of your business both now and in the future.

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