Hosting Services

Through our Hosting Services, we will look after your data and services off-site. We will manage and support all aspects of your system, allowing you to reduce capital expenditure, slim your asset base and make your IT more flexible.

  • Microsoft Exchange Email

    We typically recommend Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based email service that offers a reliable platform with plenty of opportunity to grow with your company. The extra features and functionality it offers give compelling business reasons to make the switch.

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  • Hosted Telephony

    Hosting your Telephony systems digitally gives you greater control and flexibility. Implement call management features not available through a traditional PBX system across multiple sites and remote devices, at the same time as saving money on calls and line rental.

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  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services have reached a very high level of maturity and safety. There are now hundreds of providers ensuring the right solution to meet your business needs. We will help you choose the most appropriate plan and then manage the set-up of the platform.

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  • Colocation Services

    Our Colocation Services are ideal for companies wanting to take advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud as well as using your own on-site hardware for the storage of sensitive information or when the amount of data you need to store is huge.

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  • Web Hosting

    However complex and high-functioning your website, you will need a Web Hosting service that meets all your performance requirements, most crucially in terms of speed. We will help you find the right hosting package with minimum performance standards guaranteed under our SLA.

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