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Lunch & Learn Webinar -Taming the Inbox-The Impact of Email Overload

When: 13/09/2018 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
Location: Webinar - online seminar
Cost: Free

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If you don’t keep on top of all the emails in your inbox, you’re in danger of becoming overwhelmed, like one client who had 45,000 unread emails.  On average, we’re spending around 650 hours a year reading and replying to emails, which have become a major cause of stress and inefficiency.  On average, only 38% of emails are important to our business, so how you deal with emails has a direct effect on your time management and productivity.

In this webinar, Richard McBarnet, MD of Lumina Technologies, will suggest the most effective ways of taming your inbox in order to help you work more efficiently.  You will gain lots of useful hints and tips on inbox management, including filtering marketing emails, searching emails and documents and setting up archive folders.

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