Richard Cooksey

Chief Operating Officer

At Lumina Technologies, we are passionate about helping our clients and their businesses reach their business goals. Unlike most providers of IT we focus on “Service first technology second” – the technology is merely there to aid the business achieve its goals. My role at Lumina Technologies is to deliver this message to prospects and clients alike. It is a fantastically varied role as it allows me to meet business owners and discuss the various challenges they face, and ways in which Lumina Technologies can help them overcome these challenges by stripping back the technical talk and focusing on the important business issues.

My previous experience has been in technology sales and aiding clients to deliver the right technology that meets a need. I have worked with all manner of businesses from root vegetable producers, healthcare providers, financial securities firms, legal firms of all sizes including some in the top five, global digital cinema providers, flower delivery specialists and a global cyber security consultancy. This wide and varied background has given me experience in knowing how to get to the root cause of what a business is trying to achieve and the benefits of achieving it, then translating that in to ways to help the business through technology.

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