Jamie Messer 2nd Line Service Desk Analyst

Jamie Messer

2nd Line Service Desk Analyst

What do you do with your day at Lumina? 

While working on the Service Desk it means that I get to spend the majority of my day talking to clients, ensuring I provide the best service I can.

I am also lucky enough to be involved in aiding projects, site tours and general documentation when required.

I work very closely with my team and we constantly strive to improve processes / procedures.

What are you good at? 

I’d like to say I’m good at talking to people, I love a chit chat, not just a chit!


I really like food, travelling, holidays, and new experiences.


Photos, I haven’t found my blue steel pose yet.

Would like to meet: 

I’d like to meet Peter Kay & Micky Flanagan, they have me in tears of laughter and I’d like to shake their hands for it!

Did you know: 

A snail can sleep for more than three years at a time… sounds great doesn’t it!

Favourite Holiday: 

I have been lucky enough to go to the Maldives, I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend the experience.

Favourite Food:

Pepperoni Pizza, I once chose it over my girlfriend.

Top IT Tip: 

Be careful what you click on…

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