Emma Dog - Lumina Technologies

Emma Dog

IT Buddy

What do you do with your day at Lumina?  Firstly I check out the bins under the desks for any crusts then I visit everyone and get loads of strokes and generally have a fuss made of me. Might have a drink then and find a desk to sleep for a while before repeating the above.

What are you good at? I seem to make people smile and put them in a better mood.

Likes:  Puddles, cuddles and food.

Dislikes: Being ignored.

Would like to meet: A cat – they always run faster than me.

Did you know:  Did you know by me just being in the office I’m able to reduce humans’ stress levels, increase team building and significantly improve mutual trust – not bad eh!

Favourite Holiday: Sand, sea and food – anywhere will do.

Favourite Food: Anything I can find but I am partial to a pig’s ear.

Top IT Tip: No sorry. No food, no IT tip. It’s bins and stroke time now.

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