Aiden Arnkels-Webb Lumina Technologies

Aiden Arnkels-Webb

2nd Line Service Desk Analyst

What do you do with your day at Lumina?  I am 2nd Line IT Analyst and resident Programmer – Responsible for providing second line support and diagnostics for all tickets logged by clients and building applications internally to help in our day to day duties.

What are you good at? Attention to detail, innovation and solution building. I love a challenge, and I enjoy solving puzzles.

Likes:  Live music. I’m always on the lookout for new gigs and tours. Cycling. I cycle 30 miles almost every day. Circus skills. I love the challenge of learning something new, so I’m always picking up a new prop and trying new moves.

Dislikes: Twilight, Edward lives in a forest, doesn’t eat meat and sparkles. He’s not a vampire; he’s a fairy.

Would like to meet:  I’d love to meet Professor Brian Cox and Steven Hawking and pick their brains. I also love meeting the bands I go to see and will often go backstage to chat with them after the show.

Did you know:  I am a fire and light performer and technical manager for Steamship Circus, who provide entertainment for events and festivals all over the UK. This year I performed on stage with Iron Maiden at Download festival. I also live on a boat and enjoy kayaking.

Favourite holiday: Norway, it’s an amazingly beautiful country, and I love hiking through the mountains. I hope to move there eventually.

Favourite food: The meatier, the better. Nothing can deter me from an 18oz steak. I make it my duty to balance out the meat to vegetables ratio of the table when eating with my vegetarian friends.

Top IT tip: Learn Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your everyday tasks, copy with Ctrl+C, paste with Ctrl+V. Go to the next field in a form with the TAB key above your caps-lock and go to the previous field with Shift-TAB

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