Adrian Marshall - Engineering Manager - Lumina Technologies

Adrian Marshall

Engineering Manager

What do you do with your day at Lumina?  I’m the chief nerd here at Lumina, who is accountable for our solution portfolio, overseeing project delivery and managing our behind the scenes infrastructure.

What are you good at? Cringe worthily dad dancing

Likes:  The outdoors and sports – although my Fitbit® say’s otherwise!

Dislikes: Wrapping presents

Would like to meet:  My family in 50 years… just to see how we all turned out

Did you know:  You can make a real difference to people and even save lives… just give blood.

Favourite Holiday: 1st skiing holiday – awesome experience

Favourite Food: Fresh fish and if it comes with chips all the better

Top IT Tip: There’s no shame in occasionally giving in and just turning it off and on again.


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