Companies using Computer Aided Design (CAD) on a daily basis need high performance, finely tuned workstations. Architects, kitchen/bathroom designers, CAD/CAM engineers and games designers alike must have access to high-performance CAD and other capacity-hungry software. In some cases, users will need individual high-end workstations, in others, cloud-based servers can be used for cost-efficiency.

In our experience, virtualisation is the most efficient way of providing high performance for multiple users whilst keeping the costs down. By running the software on a supercomputer in the data centre, users can log in remotely from ordinary devices and take advantage of the capabilities of the supercomputer. This is particularly useful for in-store kitchen and bathroom designers, for example, where sales staff can access all the design power they need from an ordinary computer, laptop or tablet.

Lumina has developed the knowledge and capability of managing high-performance technology after many years working with the oil and gas industry on geological and geophysical surveys requiring the processing of many thousands of gigabytes of data.

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