Business Sectors

We work for all types of clients, but we have particular experience of the oil and gas, executive search, legal and financial sectors.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas clients often need high-performance workstations and extensive storage to handle the seismic data generated by geological and geophysical surveys. They also need reliable inter-site communications, particularly email, with solid business continuity plans in case of incidents. This is particularly important for offshore facilities or operations in emerging nations.

We can help by optimising network links between sites to guarantee always-on communications. We can also develop robust systems and processes for business continuity, backup and disaster recovery, including the replication of valuable data to safe locations.

Financial Services

For financial firms, client confidentiality and data security are key issues. They need solid plans for business continuity, and increasingly make use of remote working, for example to support advisors visiting clients. Finally, they must always make sure everything they do is in line with FCA regulations.

We can help create systems and processes for effective document management, and control network access to keep confidential information secure. We can set up and manage remote working systems without compromising on security, and put systems in place to ensure rapid and effective data recovery if disaster strikes.